Hello! I’m Sam, a queer nonbinary writer of Asian lore inspired fantasy, paranormal/horror, and various flavors of science fiction. 

Even though I’ve lived in Massachusetts almost my entire life, I still sometimes get asked “but where are you really from though?” So I say, “Germany,” because if you want to get technical, that’s where I was born. My father informed me at an early age this made it impossible for me to become president of the United States, so I became a writer instead. 

I’ve written short stories that have been published by Fireside, Ghost Orchid Press, Neon Hemlock Press, and others. My debut novella is forthcoming from Interstellar Flight Press, expected to be published sometime in 2023. 

(I’m also a third degree black belt in taekwondo and have a day job as a martial arts instructor.)


I’m nonbinary and use singular they/them/their pronouns.  Preferred honorifics would be Mr, Mx, or none at all.  : )

Name pronunciation

Sam – just your generic “Sam I am.”

Kyung – rhymes with “young.”

Yoo – same pronunciation as “you.”